Organizational Development, Business Transformation, Change Management: Objectives and Scope

Organization Development aims at organizational performance and individual development, by increasing alignment among the various systems within the overall system (strategic planning/thinking, organization diagnostic/ design/ change, change management, group problem solving, team development, talent management, process reengineering, coaching, mentoring, leadership development, performance management and meeting facilitation)

Organization Development is an effort (1) planned, (2) organization-wide, and (3) managed from the top, using (5) planned interventions in the organizations "processes,” using behavioral-science knowledge (Richard Beckhard 1969)

Central to all Organization Development interventions, is the belief that people have a unique ability to creatively employ their capabilities to develop new outcomes in regards to organizational performance, and that they are the most important element of the organizational system.

The best path to the good society is the construction of great organizations that nurture and magnify the Best in human beings.’ - Professor David Cooperrider (1998)