Coaching Process Approach

Ingredients are: real life situation analysis/ preparation/debriefing, case work, role play + debriefing, giving feedback, job shadowing, identification of personal patterns, action planning, role modeling, 360 degree assessment.

Significant work is done in between sessions when you apply what we worked on together. Next session we debrief the outcomes and consolidate the changes made.

Limiting beliefs/ attitude/ philosophy of life are addressed as well as self image/ self esteem, personal charisma and commitment or readiness to change.

Professional and interpersonal skills are reinforced. I train in more than 20 professional and interpersonal competencies.

I have extensive experience with organizational transformation and change, so I can assist you to achieve your results in your organization or team, and to obtain the adequate support where necessary.

I have also experience with stress management, mindfulness, meditation and burnout prevention.

I usually coach face to face and I do prefer this direct contact. I provide in between session support if necessary and agreed. At times telephone and email coaching can be appropriate.

Coaching sessions typically last 2.5 hours. It is my experience that this allows for a substantial amount of themes to be covered and good progress to be made.