Healthy and fulfilling relationships: Why choose me?

I am a relationship/ couple counselor as well as an expert in communication skills. I also am a certified coach and the trainings I give include problem solving skills and conflict prevention/ resolution.

Most relationship issues are based on a lack of communication, a lack of mutual understanding and on non-clarity on own personal needs.

Most people try to change their partner to the person they would like him/her to be.
Of course this almost never works.

I make you discover how and why people are different, why they fall in love, how and why opposites attract each other (which inevitably leads to a lack of understanding of the other after some time),why negative emotions are being triggered, and to what extent relationships basically are major learning opportunities to understand more about ourselves, about our deepest needs, about life.

Relationships can work. We just need to accept the other as (s)he is, to be clear on our own personal needs to your partner, and to be open to full intimacy not only on a physical level, but also on the emotional, mental and spiritual level.

An intimate relationship can bring out the best of who we are and can heal (often unknown or repressed) profound issues or wounds originated in our past.

I work with unconditional love and with non-attachment which are core components to a fulfilling and wonderful relationship. I will make you experience the power and strength of unconditional love.